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Group Pensions


Group Pensions / Auto Enrolment

Our Employers Pension Service and Auto Enrolment Solution

At Fitzroy Wealth Management we have specialised in Corporate Pensions for many years and we offer advice across the following areas;

Employee Benefit Review

Employee benefit advice

Corporate Pensions

Retirement Advice

Auto  enrolment*

Group Risk

Research has shown time and again that  a happy work force improves business performance, which is why a well-considered and effective employee benefits package can increase profitability .We are employee benefit experts and will design a benefits package perfect for your business and your people.

The key to a good pension is simplicity.  Employees ae not financial experts, they like to know what’s on offer in clear, easy to read ‘bite size chunks’ of information relevant to them.  Fitzroy Wealth Management embrace this and explain our schemes to people in plain English.  We lay out the plan, highlight the benefits and discuss any risks.  Having Provided some of the strongest pension advice and plans in the UK for over a decade, we feel we’re the experts to choose to manage your company pension.

Auto Enrolment*

It’s a good time to tackle auto enrolment – non-compliance could be costly.

UK businesses have had no choice but to review the way they approach their employee’s retirement planning.  New pension rules have made automatic enrolment of staff into a company pension scheme non-negotiable unless employees choose to opt out.  Auto enrolment is not selective, it requires participation from all registered UK businesses and Fitzroy Wealth Management can be trusted to guide you through the auto enrolment journey and save you money, time and hassle along the way.

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