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Pension planning is split in two three key areas, pre retirement planning, at retirement planning and post retirement planning.

Pre-retirement planning requires advice with regard the amount of money required to be invested to enjoy a good retirement and investing in funds which will deliver the growth required.

At retirement planning is probably the most important part of planning as the decisions clients are asked to make include a wide area of choice and some of the decisions made such as purchasing an annuity are irreversible and advice should always be sought.

In recent years the advent of Flexi Access Drawdown has provided clients with much greater flexibility in terms of selecting an income in retirement and maintaining the capital value built up.

On death the capital value can be passed to family members without forming part of the estate and therefore providing protection against inheritance tax.

Once in retirement and depending on the options chosen at retirement, on going advice is essential to maintain your standard of living in a constantly changing financial, economic and legislative back drop.

In addition, clients circumstances and needs will change over time and our review service provides the on going support clients need.

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