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Life Insurance provides financial peace of mind in a range of circumstances including ill health, critical illness and death.

We offer a whole of market independent solution with access to all the major life insurance companies.


There are a range of products which can provide this financial protection,  including Family Income Benefit, which provides an income to replace the loss of income on death or diagnosis of a critical illness of the main wage earner.


Family Income Benefit

Family Income Benefit is slightly different from traditional life insurance policies. Whilst a life insurance policy tends to pay out a lump sum to dependents if the policy holder dies or is diagnosed with a critical illness, Family Income Benefit pays the policy holder’s family (or other benefactor) monthly payments instead of the lump sum for the remainder of the policy term. This is often viewed as a replacement for the income lost from the main salary earner to help maintain the family’s income and standard of living.

Term Assurance

Term assurance is life insurance which provides cover at a fixed rate of payments for a limited period of time ie the term selected. If the insured dies during the term, the death benefit and or critical illness benefit will be paid to the beneficiary.

Mortgage Protection

A mortgage protection policy is a life insurance policy with a decreasing sum assured. It is designed to repay the oustanding balance of a capital and interest mortgage in the event of death or diagnosis of a critical illness.

Income Protection

Income protection insurance will provide the insured person with a percentage of their usual income in the event that they become disabled through sickness or an accident.

Whole of Life Cover

A Whole of Life Assurance policy promises payment of a known level of cover upon death of the life/lives assured whenever death occurs, provided that premiums are maintained. The two main types of Whole of Life policies are: Guaranteed Whole Of Life policies (premium is fixed) and Reviewable Whole of Life policies (policy reviewed over time).The cost of guaranteed premiums is significantly more than reviewable premiums. Whole of Life cover is commonly used to provide for Inheritance Tax Planning.

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